Monoperc Crystal Double Faced 520-550 W M10 (182×91 mm) – 144 Half Cut Cell Multi Busbar Technology
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Minimum ghosting maximum performance with Multi Busbar technology
Low internal resistance with half cell minimum loss high efficiency
Higher gain with electricity generation from both surfaces


M10 (182×91 mm) – 156 Half Cut Cell Multi Busbar Technology
Module Efficiency up to 21.31%
12 Years Product Warranty Period
Lighter and easier to install, lower infrastructure costs, and lower moisture retention than glass-to-glass panels
More energy production by reflection on the back surface
Up to 25% Back Surface High Energy Gain
2400 / 5400 Pa Mechanical Load Strength
Low heating advantage
30 Years of Linear Performance
Electrical Data
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* Standard test conditions (STC): Radiation 1000 W/m2, Air Mass 1.5, Cell Temperature 25 °C. Measurement Tolerance ±3%

Mechanical Properties
Panel Sizemm2278x1133x35 
Cell Sizemm182x91 
Number of CellsPiece144 
GlassmmHigh Transmittance Tempered 3.2mm glass with Anti-Reflective Coating
Back SideWhite Backsheet 
EncapsulationEVA (Etil Vinil Asetat) 
FrameAnodized Coated Aluminum Frame
Junction BoxWith 3 Bypass Diodes - IP68 Cable Length 30 cm (Can be changed according to demand)
ConnectorsMC 4 Compatible
Mechanical Load StrengthPa2400/5400 
Working Conditions
Operating temperature-40°C/+85°C
System Voltage1500 Voc 
Max Series Fuse Current25 A 
Power Tolerance0 ~ +5 
Fire ClassII 
Container Capacity Information
Container Type40' HC 
Number of Panels per Pallet31 
Number of Pallets per Container20
Number of Panels Per Container620

Note. In case of an open truck trailer (13,60m), 737 panels can fit.

Temperature Coefficient
Temperature Coefficient (Pmax)-0.36%/°C 
Temperature Coefficient (Voc)-0.28%/°C 
Temperature Coefficient (Isc)+0.049%/°C 
Double-Sided Back Surface Power Gain
Max Power VoltageVmp (V)40.3840.5140.7841.0341.3041.5441.80
Max Power CurrentImp (A)12.8812.961313.0413.0813.1213.16
Open Circuit VoltageVoc (V)49.0349.1849.3349.4849.6349.7849.93
Short Circuit Currentİse (A)13.5513.5913.6413.6813.7313.7713.82
Module Efficiency%20.1520.3420.5420.7320.9321.1221.31

* Electrical properties with double-sided backplane power gain (550 W taken as reference).

Technical Drawings
Linear Performance Guarantee
I/V Curve
ISO Certificates: ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001
IEC Certificates: IEC 61215 : 2018 / IEC 61730-1 : 2018 IEC
61730-2 : 2018 IEC 61701(Salt corrosion resistance) / IEC
62716 (Ammonia corrosion resistance) / IEC 62804 PID